The Andes Gazette refreshed

Andes Gazette | Andes New York 2014-09-24 15-35-00
Andes Gazette

Well it has been a while, almost seven years since we first started working with the Andes Gazette on publishing their monthly newspaper in the Catskills on the web.


Andes Gazette | Andes New York 2014-09-24 10-30-53
Andes Gazette

This time it’s a major re-haul of their content and images with a focus on optimization for mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as, large screens. The great thing is since the content was already in WordPress we just needed to create a new theme to apply to the existing site. Although the theme was a fair amount of work once it was done it is a simple task of just activating a new theme. Much easier than the old days where everything had to be re-written and ported over from who knows what (yes probably Dreamweaver, RIP ). So there ya go…