Sviba Floral and Event Decorators

A warm welcome to the CMS family to Barry and Cathy of Sviba Floral and Event Decorators, a full concept and floral decorating company for almost 25 years!

Located in Delaware County and Manhattan, Sviba works their decorating magic in all kinds of places from rural farms to the elegant Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Shindigs, Fundraisers, or just a kick-butt party. No matter what the reason, or the season, Sviba can do it up in perfect style.

To contact Sviba for your next event, visit their new website or give them a call at 212-947-9040 in Manhattan or in the Catskills at 607-435-9529.

We look forward to working with Barry and Cathy in the many years to come and to helping them spread the beauty that they create.


One thought on “Sviba Floral and Event Decorators

  1. Sviba Decorators has been in business almost 30 years doing event design from weddings, shoots, product unveilings and more and remembers the first time a “website” was explained to us. Cathy and I have gone through a few, so called companies who promised all the savvy and technical knowledge necessary in creating a website. CMS were the only people that accomplished this allowing the lay person, as well as the professional, in need of our talents to focus on our professionalism.

    Finding Sue and Craig was a blessing and a blast. Sue is as charming and witty as she is professional and doesn’t waste time in understanding ones aim, allowing the design of the website to do its job and just make us look “fabulous and professional”. While Craig is clearly the code, nuts, and bolts person, Sue is the one who gets in your brain, finds out what it is we want seen and heard, and just helped us accomplish a website design that would make our clients and potential clients swoon. Knowing that we have people who are watching and taking care of us, after completion of the site, is truly proof of their greatness. Thanks guys….for you that need help in this area, call Sue and Craig, so you can be happy like us!!
    Barry and Cathy

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